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My Honest Experience with Injury

I love this video. It represents the strength one can find through adversity. From losing control of what you once had, being thrown from one path unwillingly onto another and then one day, realising you are now stronger as a result. That is the truth of what has happened to me through this injury, but of course what this video doesn't show are the tears, the cries, the endless scans, x-rays, hours of travelling, late nights reading and digging to try and find an answer to my wrist pain. It doesn't show the sleepless nights, worrying about losing my career, plotting ways to play with injury regardless of my deep knowledge of that not being a realistic option. It doesn't show, the people who continually picked me up when I hit rock bottom, or drove me to my 100th appointment, sending me out the car with nothing but encouragement and optimism that this could be the appointment that gets me back to pain free wrist again. It doesn't show the medical experimentation room that my living room became, or the cupboard full of Indian and Chinese herbs that I hoped might heal me faster. It doesn't show the pages and pages of notes I made about where or what I might do if I can't follow my goal of becoming a golfer anymore, or the tears that stained those pages triggered by memories of countless hours put in to become a professional within 4 years of taking up the game....but what it does show, for now is enough. Because without doubt, I am stronger now than I was a year ago. What I have learnt is that pain is a catalyst for growth. And for that I am grateful.

Thank you Max Wilcocks for producing this video.

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