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El Saler

I am just back from a good week in Valencia, at El Saler Golf Club. I want to start with all the positive things that have come out of this week because tee to green I hit the ball the best I have done all season which I am very happy about.

I have no doubt this is largely down to the fact my wrist is getting stronger and feels stronger week on week.

The course this week was a championship track and I really enjoyed the challenge of playing it. During the pro am we experienced without doubt the heaviest rain I have ever witnessed! This left the course damp underfoot however it soon dried up enough and day 1 could commence.

The 9th hole, par 3. Day 1: 9 iron. Day 2: PW Day 3: 5 iron

A local player volunteered to caddy for me this week and as I find a caddy helps me to focus on my play I agreed. Day 1 we were a great team getting round the front 9 in level par. Unfortunately an incident with a spectator occurred at the 10th hole which I found hard to put out of my mind. I went on to have a rollercoaster back 9 with some amazing shots and some mental errors. I made an Eagle on the 15th Hole to get my score back to level par. Sadly on 16 I made a mistake on the tee and dropped 2 shots which hurt after such a great shot into 15.

Overall a good round of golf and I was very happy with my game.

I went into round 2 feeling confident and determined to put a good number on the board.

7am on the driving range...bliss.

I sunk a great put on the 1st to save par from the bunker and my round had begun.

Sadly it was a struggle all day on the greens and this made scoring very hard. By the time we reached the last 6 holes my confidence on the green was shot and I was doing all I could to get the ball in the hole. I have been working hard on my driving accuracy and long game and am pleased to see all this hard work paid off.

I finished T16th and this is good but I know I have so much more in me.

Tee to green I was very very happy again but the struggle of the game is that it all needs to come together.

The next 2 weeks I will be working hard on all aspects of the game, tee to green and giving my putting practice the time it deserves!

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