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I had the privilege of playing a round of golf with Elisabeth Esterl at Laranjal this week (and her husband Neil, who is also an excellent golfer!)

In golf, It is my opinion that experience counts for everything. Having less of it myself, I open my ears and close my mouth as much as possible when I meet experienced players. Lisl is certainly one of the most experienced I have ever played with!

We got to talking a lot about different aspects of playing and performance. With only a few words she was able to help me with my own game a lot.

One topic we got to was a great one - MO NORMAN.

Mo Norman is renowned for being ‘the best striker of the ball ever to have lived.’ He holds 33 course records and has shot a 59 a gobsmacking 3 times……absolutely incredible.

How does he swing it? Using ONE PLANE only.

To cut a long story short, if you don’t know about this guy and you love your should. He is fascinating to listen to and thankfully there are plenty of videos available on youtube.

I can honestly say, after watching a few short videos of Mo online, ( and receiving some great advice from Lis and Neil) my own ball striking has already taken a big step up.

Thank you Mo and Liz!

Below is a video of my best Mo Norman impression. True to the words of Mo Norman, ‘the ball went straight down the middle everytime!!’

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