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Sweating it out in Sweden

Well firstly its been great to get two events back to back and I am back in the UK for one day before leaving for Strasbourg tomorrow for a third event.

The second bit of great news is the wrist is doing good....despite colliding with a boulder in a bunker during round one...! So my confidence in that area is really improving.

The tournament this week was a great learning experience. Back to playing on the Access tour for the first time in over 6 weeks and an especially strong field at what was a very well run event at Elisefarm Golf Club in Sweden. It felt very exciting to be there.

Round one I had an early tee time and the weather was exceptional. My game plan...hit fairways! The rough was deadly and so hitting the fairway was everything.

A slightly nervous start didn't last long as I found myself hitting the ball well off the tee and getting chances for birdie on many holes. I was going strong and steady, collided with a large boulder in a bunker which led to a double, however I followed that up with back to back birdies. I finished with a score of 74, +2, playing the last 4 holes in 2 under par.

Round two I had a late tee time. By this point, the wind was blowing harder than I can remember ever playing in. I set off in search of fairways and found many...the most I have in the last two events...however my mind was too focused on not dropping shots and the cut line. As we all know, this never leads to good scores. Chasing a score in golf is the enemy. It was a tough round and I was very disappointed not to make the cut after such a strong start.

I am going to be working really hard on my mental strategy for these events and I have some support to do this from a professional. My game is feeling great, I'm fit and strong, so watch out for the next few events...

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